The National Association of Asian American Professionals is a non-profit professional organization that promotes the career advancement and leadership development of Asian American professionals in all fields through networking, respecting Asian multiculturalism, and supporting diversity and community service.

There are currently over 25 chapters, ventures, and affiliates across the United States and Canada and a growing North American membership of over 3,000.

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Upcoming Event
Thursday, August 18 – School Supply Drive Happy Hour

Location: Si Lom
3300 Oak Lawn Ave Ste 110, Dallas, TX 75219
Time: 6:00 PM – 8:00 pm

Bring some school supplies and  join us for a school supply drive happy hour which has been extended exclusively for NAAAP at Si Lom in Oaklawn.  All supplies are donated to Vickery Meadow Youth Development Foundation who services the Vickery Meadow school district, home to many refugee children whose parents have no money or understanding of how to get school supplies.  Click here for the list of school supplies needed or for your convenience, we have created an Amazon Wish List which you can simply add to your Amazon cart from our list or search for similar items! Attendees will also receive raffle tickets for every $5 worth of donation. For full event information and raffle, click here!

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2016 National NAAAP Convention
 National Career Center

Going All In: Lead with Courage

2016 NAAAP Convention

Visit our 2016 convention website for details.

Each year, NAAAP selects a timely, motivating, and relevant theme for our convention.  During a Presidential election year, being in Las Vegas with other Asian-serving organizations for a Presidential Town Hall and the launch of a NAAAP Las Vegas group, we must be fully committed.  Going All In: Lead with Courage!” has 3 focal areas:

Winning Strategies  –  Whether it’s diversity and inclusion, remote team management, cross-cultural communication or resource allocation, NAAAP seeks out Winning Strategies.

High Returns Leadership Boot Camp –  Fabian DeRozario (Organizational Change Facilitator), Kim Cummings (Human Resource Professional) and Judy Lao (Convention Programs Manager) will be identifying topics for the Courageous Leader.

Women in NAAAP – Launched in 2009 at the Convention, Women in NAAAP has been an excellent way to discuss the unique attributes and perspectives women bring to leadership and volunteerism.  At the Convention, the WIN track provides a spotlight on women speakers, challenges facing working women, and parity in the workforce.

         The NAAAP Career Center matches qualified professional talent with real job opportunities. This provides NAAAP members and job seekers access to new opportunities, professional connections, as well as the ability to search for jobs within an easy-to use system. Click here for the full NAAAP Career Center Website.

Our focus here at the NAAAP Career Center is to foster an online community that connects Asian and minority professional talent with companies across the globe. See what we have to offer today.