The National Association of Asian American Professionals is a non-profit professional organization that promotes the career advancement and leadership development of Asian American professionals in all fields through networking, respecting Asian multiculturalism, and supporting diversity and community service.

There are currently over 25 chapters, ventures, and affiliates across the United States and Canada and a growing North American membership of over 3,000.

For details of what NAAAP is doing across North America, visit the NAAAP National home page.

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Current Happenings!
Support the NAAAP-DFW Scholarship Fund!

Dear NAAAP Family!

We at NAAAP-Dallas Ft Worth are very proud to continue our annual tradition of providing scholarships to deserving students in our community. Without the financial support of our members and sponsors this would not be possible. Please donate to the campaign so that you can have a direct impact on a future leader’s life.   Click here to go to our GoFundMe!

Wine Down with Week with NAAAP

DATE/TIME: Thursday, March 23, 2017 7:30PM
LOCATION: Cork Wine Bar
Let’s get together and Wine Down the Week! Cork is a great wine bar
close to lots of food and drink.

Join us and network with other Professionals! Click here for more information!

Outdoor Thai Lunch at the Temple

DATE/TIME: Sunday, April 9, 2017 11:00AM
LOCATION: Buddhist Center of Dallas
The weather has been warming up so come join us for some delicious
Thai food at the Buddhist Center of Dallas! Visit our facebook page for more information!

See Our Events for a full listing of NAAAP-DFW Activities!

The NAAAP DFW Impact Report

Thanks to partnerships with Eagle Scholars of the Vickery Meadow Youth Development Foundation and Bank of America Asian Leadership Network (ALN), we have successfully completed our first workshop series of our grass-root Financial Literacy Program (FLP). The mission of our program is to equip students with the fundamental financial knowledge and skills that can empower them to achieve their personal and professional goals in life.better-money-habit-financial-literacy-workshop

 Partner Organization Highlight  National Career Center

The Source of Hope 


Our partners at The Source of Hope here in DFW have made a huge impact in our community. They are a non-profit advanced educational program aimed at individuals working towards improving their future and that of their family, through advancing their education with college or a professional trade. When finished with their program, students can expect to have the skills and knowledge to become entrepreneurs..

Their contributions also include helping low-income families and individuals with food, housing, clothing, job-placement, gas and college scholarships! 

Monthly Food Kitchen  –  Every 4th Friday and Saturday of the month, The Source of Hope preps food (Friday) and serves the homeless community at 2815 S. Ervay St., Dallas, TX. Volunteers are always needed! 

Check out their website here!



         The NAAAP Career Center matches qualified professional talent with real job opportunities. This provides NAAAP members and job seekers access to new opportunities, professional connections, as well as the ability to search for jobs within an easy-to use system. Click here for the full NAAAP Career Center Website.

Our focus here at the NAAAP Career Center is to foster an online community that connects Asian and minority professional talent with companies across the globe. See what we have to offer today.